Sanzo Factory

SANZO Factory


Our company has a high-quality professional R & D team engaged in glassware R & D for many years, with strong technical force. We have a number of experienced software and hardware engineers, professional product development designers, advanced product production equipment and testing instruments


Our company has project cooperation with international well-known design companies such as French PBC and German XL, and has received in-depth support in design. We can effectively interpret customer needs and better customize satisfactory glass products for customers


Based on manual blowing, and combined with almost all glass deep processing processes such as gold drawing, color spraying, electroplating, flower baking, gold baking, sanding, electro-optic water, acid washing, flower grinding, and engraving, we have produced all kinds of wine glasses, vases, water cups, storage tanks and other glassware


According to our many years of business experience and the needs of our customers, we have reserved a large number of classic best-selling products to facilitate the direct purchase of small wholesalers, which not only saves production time, but also provides convenience for our customers

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