Wine tasting

Bordeaux glass.
Features: The cup body is long and the cup wall is curved tulip cup shape. The Bordeaux wine glass is the most used wine glass when drinking red wine. Since the Bordeaux red wine we often drink has a strong sour taste, the shape of the Bordeaux wine glass can retain the aroma of most of the wine, and can effectively balance the sweetness and acidity of the mouth.
Burgundy wine glass.
Features: The belly of the cup is round and the mouth of the cup is large. Burgundy wine glass is the most suitable wine glass when drinking fruity red wine. Burgundy red wine is fruity and light in body, and the shape of the Burgundy wine glass is just right to make the red wine fruity and tannin sour. The flavor is fully mixed in the cup, and the aroma of the wine can also be aggregated. This wine glass is generally used in the well-known Pinot Noir wine, because Pinot Noir wine has a high acidity, and the shape of the wine glass can better distribute the fruity aroma and weaken the acidity.
Champagne glasses.
Features: It looks like a tulip, with a big belly and a small mouth, and a slender handle. Champagne glasses are used for almost all sparkling wines, such as French champagne. This is because it can condense the aroma of sparkling wine, and the champagne glass has a sharp point at the bottom, and it is also a great pleasure to see the rich bubbles rising when tasting the sparkling wine.


【Pour wine】
In the restaurant, the wine service is usually by the waiter who is responsible for pouring a small amount into the pouring glass, so that the customer can identify whether the quality is wrong, just take it as a form, take a sip and answer it well. Next, the waiter will come to pour the wine. At this time, do not reach for the wine glass, but put it on the table and let the waiter pour it.
【Refused to pour wine】
When the clerk comes to pour the wine, you lightly put your hand on the upper part of the wine glass, and the other party will understand that it means “enough is enough” without opening your mouth.
【Cheers etiquette】
In a pleasant meal, clink glasses elegantly and lightly. You should hold the glass at eye level, look directly at each other, and drink.

Private events

* Whiskey tumblers and short glasses
Capacity: 40ml, relatively small glass wine glass.
* Hippo Cup
Capacity: 140-240ml, medium-high round glass.
* Collins Cup
Capacity: 300-350ml
Tall round glass, generally used after freezing
* Classical Cup
Capacity: 180ml, wide-mouth short cup
* Cocktail glass
The capacity is about 120ml, and the funnel-shaped goblet.
* Brandy glass:
Capacity: 240ml, balloon type blackjack with bantam.
* Riku wine glass
Capacity: 30mm, slender tulip-shaped wine glass with legs.