Product Customization

In addition to customized production of various glass products, we can also do post-processing, engraving, gold painting, electroplating (gold plating, silver plating, titanium plating, electro-optic water), hand painting, filling gold foil, etc. we look forward to cooperating with you!

Post processing

Post processing

SANZO Different Customized Services

Custom Logo

SANZO can put your logo on the wall, we use decal way with the temperature 580 C ,that will strong. You can also choose the flash color or fake gold color with 180 C.

Note:If you need pass the Machine wash test? I can help to update the process.

Gold Paint & Embossed Gold Decal

SANZO can help you to paint the mouth of the glass or local part with true gold to make them flash and difference. At the same time also can implement the embossed effect with the golden decal adornment paper.


In SANZO, there are many experienced master of art, specializes in hand-painted design on the surface of the glass.Can put your
design and creativity with perfect present on the glass surface.

Coarse Sand Surface & Gold Paint

In SANZO, We can make glass surface to add a layer of coarse sand glass.The Glassware will looks Classic. And with paint process at the same time,will let the glass more valuable

Internal Gold Foil

SANZO designed and developed a new process that to put the gold foil and essential oil within a special way into a glass body,
that looks very elegant.

Electroplating, with Variety of Colors

Electroplating for SANZO is very simple, at the same time, we can achieve a variety of color plating, and the effect of the


Sand-blasting is easy but SANZO can do this in a effect of high precision.We use the film paper instead of the traditional decal.


Glass surface electroplating, and then, by means of laser produced different patterns, as long as you have a good creative design,
the glass can be changed into any shape you want.

Scribed Line

SANZO artificial scribed line way to replace the machine model, to fully embody the glass texture, every line is unique.

3D Design Dervice

To create a 3D figure before proofing, can save the cost and time for you.