SANZO Ceramics

Our Story

The Beginning of The Story

Our story begins 43 years ago with a romantic encounter, where a young man captured the heart of a young girl with a ceramic doll he made. With this determination, he has his own ceramic workshop, which has continued to become a ceramic factory with a hundred people.

Continuation of The Story

When Peter started succeeding his father as Sanzo’s general manager 10 years ago, he had a simple mission: to design unique tableware options for the hospitality industry.

  He was influenced by his parents from an early age, playing with clay, having fun with porcelain, one kiln round, one kiln, working with chefs on adventures, and learning from mistakes to optimize products.

The Present of The Story

All of Peter’s priorities, then and now, were to work directly with our customers to respond quickly and thoughtfully to their needs in a way no major manufacturer could, to create tableware with a personal feel that would make our customers’ restaurants Different from restaurants.


Designed in Shanxi Province, China and forged, fired and hand finished. We have researched the best materials, traditional production methods and responsible manufacturing possibilities to bring you high quality and affordable ceramic products.

  Our ceramic products mainly include bone china, new bone china, reinforced china and stoneware china.


Vision & Values

Design and make. Show and tell. Be resourceful. Honest. Responsible. Go direct. Use your hands. Mix old and new. Start small. Be human. Grow slowly. Provide jobs. Feed the environment. The community. Preserve craft. Honor the hand. Celebrate process and materials. Allow them to drive the making of simple, beautiful objects.



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