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Our products are mainly bone china, new bone china, reinforced china and stoneware china. After different processing methods in the later period, three different craft products of in-glaze color and under-glaze color are presented. Add different options to your table to make your meal more comfortable and personalized to meet the product needs of different groups of people.

Here you’ll find detailed photos of these types of porcelain, along with information on how you can expect them to look and feel in your hand. Shopping is also easier once you know which style of ceramic you like best. All of our products are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time in high volume commercial kitchens. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

We occasionally feature new seasonal styles on our website, so keep an eye on our newsletter for updates.

Bone China
New Bone China
Durable China
Stoneware China



     The color of bone china is a natural milky white unique to natural bone meal. It gets its name from the addition of bone meal of cattle, sheep and other herbivores (preferably cattle bone meal) to its clay. The color of the utensils is more milky white and belongs to high-grade bone china.

      Two basic features of bone china: Feature 1: The content of bone charcoal is more than 36% (national standard); Feature 2: It is made by secondary firing (bisque firing, glaze firing).



     The essence of new bone china is a kind of white porcelain. By adding different proportions of raw materials to the porcelain blank, it affects the firing temperature, deformation, water absorption, light transmittance, etc. of traditional porcelain, forming a It is a new material whose appearance quality is similar to bone china, and its internal quality is better than bone china.

    The raw material contains 20% quartz, 30% feldspar and 50% kaolin. New bone china never adds other chemical raw materials such as magnesium, calcium oxide and so on.



    Reinforced china is high-quality porcelain with aluminum, magnesium and other ingredients added or using magnesia stone powder and high feldspar powder as the main raw materials and then fired at 1340 degrees Celsius. The type is generally outer curling, and its weight is lighter than thicker stoneware; thicker stoneware is thinner.

    Reinforced china has unique properties of high strength, acid and alkali resistance, and easy washing. It can withstand the collision of kitchen operations and is not easy to be damaged. It is suitable for mechanical washing, microwave ovens and electric ovens.



     Stoneware is a ceramic that is fired at a high temperature of about 1200°C to achieve vitrification (ie, glass-like, liquid-impermeable). Because stoneware is dense, glazing is only for decoration.

     Stoneware porcelain tableware is safe and harmless, its high quality is environmentally friendly, it has high strength and good thermal stability. However, it should be noted that the ceramic itself will penetrate heavy metals such as lead, and the glaze on the surface can resist the penetration of heavy metals and reduce damage to the human body.