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What is high boron silicon glass?

29 Nov 2019 -
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What is high boron silicon glass? 

High boron silicon glass (also known as hard glass) is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature, high strength, high hardness, high light transmission. Because of its excellent performance, is widely used

Boron silicate glass has a very low thermal expansion, about one-third of the average glass. This reduces the effects of sudden temperature increases and decreases, resulting in greater heat resistance.



The difference between heat-resistant glass and general glass.

1.Different raw materials

Heat-resistant glass is different with regular glass. Contains high temperature-resistant boric acid. Can adapt to a great temperature difference. Tempered glass is a glass which treated surface tempering of general tempered glass, with small cracks or great temperature differences, which can cause break.

2.Security is different.

In a state with small cracks in the surface of the tempered glass, there may be a risk of glass pieces flying off when exposed to thermal or external shocks, and this high boron silicon is a safer heat-resistant glass, there is no glass flying risks.


High boron silicon glass does not contain heavy metal substances

The main components of high boron silicon glass are boron, silicon, of which boron content is 12.5-13.5%, silicon content 78-80%, so high boron silicon glass acid and alkaline resistance is also very advantage. Therefore, high boron silicon itself does not contain toxic substances, while high boron silicon high temperature and acid resistance, alkaline can make high boron silicon is not easy in the daily use of drinking  water to extract harmful substances to human health.

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